Staff Training


In the delivery of training we aim to build on practitioners existing knowledge by:
  • Providing up to date information
  • Identification of possible substance misuse
  • Supporting individuals
  • Encourage and developing using brief intervention skills
  • Strengthening production  
  • Drug policy implementation     
Training Programmes 2017 - All our courses are now delivered in-house.  Please email or call: 0207-684-6036 for details if you would like to arrange training for your organisation.

See courses below:  

Drug and Alcohol Awareness ( Young People)
Drug and Alcohol Awareness ( Basic)
Drug and Alcohol Awareness ( Health & Safety in the Workplace)
Drug and Alcohol Awareness (Foster Carers) 
(We also develop bespoke training courses to suit your specofic organisational needs and service users) 

See above for our available courses which are downloadable by PDF. Our half a day intensive training courses is designed for professionals who may come into contact with individuals affected by substance misuse. These courses are also designed to help individuals respond to drug and alcohol related concerns.

All our training courses are designed and matched to industry standards and are delivered in such a way that easily enables the participants to identify the competency, skills, and learning objectives within each training delivered